Take Private Art Lessons In Your Home

Learn how to draw and paint with Carol Artis, a professional artist, in the comfort and convenience of your home.


Carol Artis

Fine Art Instructor

Carol Artis is an experienced and enthusiastic private art teacher. She’s been conducting college-level drawing and painting lessons for children and adults made easy in Colorado Springs for the last five years. Carol taught fine art classes in K-12 schools for 25 years in Louisiana, Texas and Colorado.

Practicing Visual Artist

Carol is a professional artist specializing in oil paintings. She calls herself a “colorist”, which means she uses her advanced knowledge and experience with color theory to create powerful visual and emotional reactions to her paintings.  Carol’s oil paintings are for sale and ready to hang. She accepts commissioned artwork from both private and commercial collectors.

Community Arts Advocate

Carol avidly taught art in hospitals and in the community for 16 years in Louisiana and Texas.